AC Milan with AC Milan Home Shirts also only trembling with such of configuration

Abbiati with Uniforms AC Milan can also be hurt, even though the problem is not so large, but skipped the Tim Cup, initially scheduled for Christian Abbiati and defends the halftime from the Amelia, the Amelia and 1 / 2 of the Roman and Taruhan Bola also the problem precisely is based on Rome around the halftime. Should stated, on Juventus of halftime competition, AC Milan although 1-2 lost has, really playing was quite good, in Qian half an hour, Juventus with Jersey Juventus very little fight of pressure, speaking was ironic, AC Milan by lost of first ball, from than up er a ft nothing threat of lengthy shots, initially is really a general goalkeeper can firmly seize of ball, Rome side-bashing also on Bale, and can ball simply-bashing in has column inside, explosive device into has goal, and 2nd ball is has NESTA ft mobile without released special in and roof of errors, but equine special by header forces little, Rome first to anti-direction made has in front of of pre-sentenced, then abandoned has fighting, station inside watch see was ball roll into has goal. Although Rome also offers just one pole-bashing, but his performance was “decisive”. It ought to be stated that Mr buy buy x, outfitted with AC Milan on each location may also, however in the goalkeeper position, AC Milan and possibly in certain haste this summer time, shedding Judi Bola Marchetti with AC Milan Team Jerseys can become failing. While Christian Abbiati is definitely worth trust, but you should note, each season, Christian Abbiati can look a couple of injuries, that’s, he’s a needed high substitute goalkeeper. Amelia substitute performance from the play of year has already been pretty bad, additionally to fabulous final play, 4-4 draw Udinese in your own home games, Amelia completely not able to create sense towards the teammate. And deserves note, and other alike to Christian Abbiati, Amelia seemed to be a frequently hurt goalkeeper, from last season for this summer time, Amelia had minor injuries in addition have a total of three occasions, how about the 3rd goalkeeper for AC Milan? Luo Mazhen capable? Christian Abbiati-Amelia configuration, within the season, the 3rd goalkeeper likelihood of not! Year AC Milan indeed also helpful Marco Storari as third goalkeeper of luxury configuration, but in the end excellent of goalkeeper is cannot condescending of, initially 1 years Qian Rome on wants upon the market, but hope in third goalkeeper location Shang get by about of AC Milan retain has he, this season early summer time also and that he ongoing has about, now appears, may will 21 aged of duonaluma rental with no left in team within the is really a errors, now then purchase a goalkeeper impossible, in your thoughts shop in x Mr Shang of Gagliani also no mental will third goalkeeper, knows Rome no, AC Milan with AC Milan Home T shirts also only shaking with your of configuration joined year, only prayer Abbiati a season not hurt. Tim Cup AC Milan Agen Bola selection tension, victory within the Allegri simply indifferent, Inter Milan’s game, the how you can change the way a change, attempting to let everybody escape, the outcomes? This area has 4 youthful gamers debut El Ma niuersen, Daniele bonera, Amelia, Zambrotta, Flamini, the alternate also made an appearance, it ought to be stated this selection although incompetent, but inter designed a very tenacious, additionally to Diego Milito a totally free kick hit the publish, good chance to Inter Milan within the war of motion without any apparent, but Massimo Oddo personal mistakes are destroying the efforts of teammates.

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