Hotel Bella Donna within the holiday ”Martisor”,Moldova

Spring its a particular by myself the very best season. We are able to feel its subtle air in addition to outdoors within the hotel Bella Donna. Judi Bola A great mood may be the one what reside in the hearts of hotel Bella Donna employees and clients. Hotel Bella Donna can be found within the city center(Chisinau) so we possess the pleasure to supply you: accommodation, wine tours, dental tours, airport terminal transfer. This holiday is honoring in various manner and size, but you’ll never uncover a much better celebration that in Eastern Europe. At that time of “Martisor” holiday, hotel Bella Donna is cover by rhapsody of refinement and elegancy, harmony and luxury, inside a in conjunction with top quality services and Hi- technologies. Hotel Bella Donna offers its visitors a romantic, comfortable and simultaneously casual, family atmosphere.

“Martisor” legend its magic one, and it is known from centuries by 50 percent variants.

Not so long ago, the sun’s rays comes lower inside a village, searching just like a simple human for any honoring of the holiday. A dragon stolen the sun’s rays and take him imprisonment. All everyone around you that surround us grew to become very sad as well as in a gray color. Nobody had the courage to battle using the dragon and also to save the sun’s rays and also the hall character. Eventually, a youthful husky guy made the decision to flee the sun’s rays in the prison. His way taken 3 seasons, summer time, spring, and fall, but finally he found the dragons castle. They fought against days and several weeks, up until the dragon was shot lower. Finally the character and individuals have experienced the sunrise, the hall character become alive, everyone happen to be happy, just the youthful guy that save the sun’s rays, destabilized by wounds felt lower on earth. The bloodstream flowing from his wounds around the whitened snow, where a bloodstream drop felt rise a flower.

So from that occasions people make mementos (whitened and red-colored) whitened¬† to represent the wholesomeness from the snowdrop that rise heated through the guys bloodstream, red-colored- to represent love for the beautiful things. Since our time around the to begin mars people provide a “Martisor” inside a gift to his/her lovely person.

Based on the second legend, around the to begin mars Spring selected a stroll within the forest. She saw there between your bushes a little whitened flower. It had been so cold outdoors and Spring engrossed in her warm hands the flower. Angry, Winter sent the fierce snow storm and also the frost to eliminate the flower. For the reason that moment Spring covered the flower and cut her finger of the root. A hot drop of bloodstream felt around the flower striking it, remaining a stain of red-colored bloodstream around the whitened snow. Therefore the “Martisor” represent red-colored Springs bloodstream and whitened snow.

“Martisor” its celebrated in Eastern Europe nations, however in all of them the little trinket that people share with lovely persons looks different based on its very own specific and tradition.

“Martisor” vacation in different nations.


” Martenita” based on the legend, Huba and the brother Boian were within the prison. King Asparuh, sent them a falcon having a whitened slaw on its feet, as an indication of freedom. The siblings steered clear of from prison and were running in route home, but near the Dunare river, Boian was wiped out. Huba sent the falcon having a red-colored slaw( Boians bloodstream) towards the king, to tel him concerning the tragedy that occurs together with his brother. The king purchased to any or all males inside a country to put on a whitened and red-colored slaws, just God to consider proper care of Huba. Jaya Liga Around the to begin mars all Bulgarian put on whitened-red-colored mementos, males around the the wright feet sock, youthful girl around the left a part of her dress, women- small thinger of the left hands. The creatures put on the mementos, like a defense against ” Marta”- a angry old lady have a tendency to brimgs the cold winter to where is she going, usually she occurs the 28-29 of Feb. The Bulgarians think that she visits just the unclear houses, so that they prepare their property for that spring coming. “Martenita” its known as different in various region of country, but her same importance and it is celebrated in the same scale.


” Maslenita”¬† 8 feb, its a vacation that Russian everyone loves a great deal. Within this days they create pancakes, which are yellow and hot because the sun. Based on the tradition they burn scarecrows, because the spring burn winter. The final day’s “maslenita” is recognized as your day of forgiveness.


“Martisorul”- is really a Romanian tradition already 8000 years. They celebrate it around the to begin mars and provide as a present for his or her lovely person an whitened-red-colored trinket, appears like human AND. Whitened represent the God energy and red-colored-the romance. The trinket is an indication of revival from the character and existence.

Specifically for “Martisor” holiday hotel Bella Donna propose you:

1.Rome rate 5% discount

2.We have a photo individuals as gift

3.Airport terminal transfer

4.Inside your room there is also a present

Hotel Bella Donna contacts: 9 Bucuresti Street, Chisinau, Moldova

+ 373 22 548207

+ 373 22 548514

+ 373 790 62985

world wide

Congratulations from Hotel Bella Donna, with spring and ” Martisor”. Wish you to definitely benefit from the seeing stars fly, the scent of flowers and blue sky light.

We send for you a butterfly

To consider you inside a spring flight

Arrive at Moldova, to determine “Martisor”

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